Why do athletes have joint pain?

Why do athletes have joint pain?

Often when we talk about joint pain, it’s thought of in regards to the natural decline of your health that happens with aging and losing your youthful capabilities due to the usage and harshness of physical activity on your body over time. However, it is extremely common among athletes at much younger ages and those participating in any high impact activities encompassing repetitive demanding usage of your body for workouts such as running and body building. When it comes to your joints, you want to take great care of them because they allow you to move and have the range of motion that you do. If joint issues are not addressed and left untreated, the condition can escalate leading to permanent disability or extreme ailments such as arthritis.

There are many things you can do to prevent harshness on joints or treat them before they become severe and lasting issues. Most often, athletes experience joint trauma due to a few things they can become more conscientious of to watch out and account for to prevent further injury or ailment:

  • inadequate nutritional intake
  • insufficient protein through enzyme consumption
  • incorrect warm-up
  • over training
  • lack of recovery before the next workout routine
  • lifting excessive weight, straining muscles
  • improper posture when lifting weight

Being aware of common mistakes can enable an easy fix and remedy to your current workout protocol by being assertive and aware to help limit your injury tremendously. Joint care is often something that’s not acknowledged or addressed upon working out like muscles would be. However, the importance of joint awareness and care is what will enable you to continue with physical activity because healthy joints allow pain-free, consistent, effortless, and strong physical activity and motion.

Frequent results of joint neglect can be:


Arthritis plagues athletes most often in the form of osteoarthritis which is caused by the wear and tear of the cartilage tissue where joints meet up. Damage can certainly build up over time and if not addressed, it can ruin athletic careers.


This is a common pain that is the result of inflammation of the tendons which support the joint, often due to over exercise or smaller injuries. This can be treated by resting to allow the tendons to repair themselves.


Bursas are little cushioned sacs that reside between joints to prevent friction when movement occurs - occasionally these can become inflamed with physical activity and cause extreme discomfort. This too can be remedied with adequate rest.

Over usage of your joints will take place eventually, especially in the case of athletes who have dedicated their lives to a sport or physical activity - it’s inevitable. Take precautions to prevent it early on and to lessen the severity later by working on the above and taking joint supplements to assist your body in converting protein from your food to target, restore, and heal muscle’s properly to cushion your joints and support healthy, sustainable movement.