#WorkoutWednesday Battle Ropes

#WorkoutWednesday Battle Ropes

30 seconds on, 10 second rest

1) Double Wave:

To start, stand facing the anchor with feet shoulder-width apart. Grasp one end of the rope in each hand so that your palms face each other. Bend knees slightly, brace your core, and move both arms up and down rapidly, creating waves in the rope.

2) Alternating Wave:

Same as above, just alternate arm movements.

3) Side-to-side:

Without crossing hands, move your arms in toward one another and then back out. Your goal is to make the ropes look like snakes on the floor.

4) Clockwise Circles

Grasp the rope with palms facing down, lift arms over your shoulders, and move your arms in circles. You should feel this in your shoulders.

5) Counter-clockwise circles

Same as above.

6) Power Slams:

Raise your arms up overhead and forcefully slam the ropes down to the right of your body. Continue alternating sides.

Repeat 3 times with adequate rest between sets