Post Workout Habits To Avoid #TipTuesday

Post Workout Habits To Avoid #TipTuesday

Finishing your workout the right way can be just as important as what you do during the workout. Get the most out of the work you put in by avoiding these common post-workout mistakes.

1) Skipping The Stretch
Not properly stretching after an intense workout can cause a buildup of lactic acid, injury, and can lead to improperly worked muscle. Even just 5 minutes of stretching is enough to keep your body healthy and limber.

2) No Post-Workout Snack
Not eating after a workout is a serious mistake. Your muscles are torn and depleted and need to refuel in order to grow and recover properly. I’m guilty of this sometimes because I’m not always hungry after a workout but thats where a protein shake can be the perfect way to get your muscles the protein they need after a hard workout.

3) Rehydrate Right!
I always count to 10 everytime water touches my lips throughout the day helping me drink 10x more water on a daily basis.

4) Timely Shower
We all know the feeling of exhaustion after a hard workout and sometimes sitting down can lead to a postponed shower. Not showering right away can lead to unwanted breakouts due to sweat clogging your pores.

Develop a smart post-workout routine and you will see better results and faster recovery!