New Year, New Year: 6 Tips For Lasting Change!

New Year, New Year: 6 Tips For Lasting Change!

As the New Year is almost here, nearly 50% of Americans will embark on a mission to improve their life in one way or another. 

Resolutions serve a good purpose, and many of us feel a sense of empowerment as we ring in the New Year with a clean slate, a new beginning offering an opportunity undertake a personal challenge.

The most common resolutions tend to focus on:

• weight loss

• healthier exercise habits

• stopping smoking

• money management & debt reduction

Looking back over the last year, some of us may feel a sense of guilt and regret as we failed to achieve our well-intentioned resolutions. Sure, we can come up with all sorts of reasons or excuses as to why we didn't achieve our goals, but I guarantee you that you won’t feel any better. 

Instead, try taking responsibility and hold yourself accountable so you can improve this year and start accomplishing your goals.

Ask yourself:  Why is it so difficult to follow through on a goal I set for myself?

The biggest reason people fail in my opinion is that they expect instant results.

Our society is one in which everything is expected to be fast and instant and when we don't get those same speedy results from the gym, people get discouraged.

Progress is slow and consistent work is required for meaningful change to take place.

5 Reasons Your Past New Years Resolutions Have Failed:

1) Your expectations are not realistic

2) Your resolutions are not properly defined

3) You didn't anticipate challenges and plan for when they occur

4) Your time management and/or organizational skills are lacking

5) You outdo yourself right away

6 Tips to Succeed With Your Resolution:

1) Set a simple goal and specify your desired outcome. This means establishing a clear-cut and detailed daily, weekly, and monthly plan that is in accordance with your resolution.

2) Anticipate obstacles that you will encounter and develop a back-up plan for how to cope when ‘Plan A’ doesn't work.

3) Accept that mistakes are inevitable. When you do slip-up or get off track, don't let it hold you down or prevent you from working towards your goal. Identify why it happened, take personal responsibility, accept the flaw, and move on.

4) Establish a balance of priorities. You must consider the compromises you are willing to make in order to achieve your goal, and determine what it means for you to best prepare for each day.

5) Be deliberate in your actions and the process of making a life change. It takes a serious level of commitment, disciple, and patience in order to adapt to new habits.

6) Check in with yourself daily, weekly, monthly and measure your progress. Self-reflection is an essential component of the mind-body relationship, however, it is also important to measure with objective data. You can best gauge progress with statistics and honest feedback.

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