Cold Weather Workout Tips: A hot twist on your PreForce!

Cold Weather Workout Tips: A hot twist on your PreForce!

Being a native Minnesotan I learned at an early age how to adapt to the subzero temperatures. You wear multiple layers, thick socks, start your car early, and basically hibernate until the springtime. It gets so cold that it can be -20 degrees in January! Who wants to go outside and enjoy that weather?

I tend to push off a lot of activities or errands simply because I don't want to face the bitter cold. We all know that the gym can’t be one of those activities. So you bundle up, mix your preworkout, and head to the gym shivering. The last thing I want to do when I get in my freezing cold car is to chug an ice cold pre-workout.

And this is how Hot PreForce came to be…

One cold winter night, my brother, David, and I were experimenting in the All Force laboratory when he stumbled across this brilliant idea. The taste is so good I prefer it hot most of the time, especially during the cold winter months. 

It tastes like a berry tea and gives you a nice warm rush of energy. The 150 mgs of caffeine in PreForce is from Green Tea Extract and is about equivalent to a cup of coffee. 

Next time you are looking to heat things up, try Hot PreForce:

• Boil or microwave 10-12 oz. of water

• Add 1 scoop of PreForce

• Sip and enjoy!

Biggest Tip For Running In The Cold: Dress Appropriately

Invest in some good quality winter running gear. Gloves, a hat, and a sweatshirt are kind of a given.

Two items I can't run without in the winter are my insulated running tights and a vented neck warmer.

These things help keep you warm and efficient. No one likes running in baggy sweat pants and the vented face mask keeps your nose and lips from freezing while still allowing you to take big deep breaths. 

Bottom line is, the cold shouldn't keep you from accomplishing your goals. 

Dress warm, drink your hot PreForce, and get after it!

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