BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane

The Science Is In!

If you're looking for something new and natural in joint health (And honestly, who isn't?) you might consider the many benefits of nutrient rich egg membrane. BiovaFlex® Egg Membrane provides the nutritional building blocks to support joint health and has been shown to improve range of motion and function while helping to improve everyday joint comfort.

Avian Eggshells and Membranes are commonly disposed of as waste material by the liquid egg industry; however, the high content of bioactive components found within the egg membrane has received increasing attention. Egg Membrane is the thin, proteinaceous layer between the raw eggshell and the egg white. Egg membrane is rich in protein, transforming growth factor, and other nutrients known to have many beneficial health applications.

A recently published peer-reviewed research study associated BiovaFlex®, a water soluble egg membrane (WSEM) ingredient, with improved joint function, increased comfort in daily activities, and elevated physical activity. 

Subjects consuming 450mg of BiovaFlex reported improved joint range of motion in multiple areas including the neck, back, hips, shoulders and knees in as few as 5 days.

Here is a link to the full study:

Our Multi-Force Joint formula not only uses 500 mgs of the above mentioned BiovaFlex® egg membrane, but it also includes turmeric, curcumin, quercetin, black pepper extract (to enhance curcumin absorption), and natural enzymes.

This formula has received a very positive response from our customers and has helped them start living life on their terms again!

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"For 12 years I've lifted heavy weights and with that comes some very intense aches and pains. It's not a bad thing, just a part of the game. With a serious day in and day out program, there's less time to recover and I'm usually plagued by inflammation in my elbows and shoulders and stiffness in my hips and knees. But since I've been using the Multi-Force Joint by All Force Nutrition I've never felt better! Zero joint and muscle aches!

How do I know it's real? I was on the road 4 days last week for a regional meeting and I accidentally left it at home. By day 3 my whole body was screaming! The active ingredients in here are proven and I will be a continued user from now on!"

-Jeremy Sexton

Nutrition HQ Store Owner

"After having three heart surgeries in my past and the fact that I’m 80 years old, my body has had a lot of aches and pains. The pain and stiffness in my joints got to the point where I could not even turn the key in my cars ignition. After taking the All Force anti-inflammatory product there has been an amazing change. I am back doing my regular activities and the car ignition is a thing of the past. I take the product consistently and I am loving the results."

-Everado Del Toro

Apple Valley, MN