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Jumpstart your Day

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Starting your day with a routine is widely considered one of the best ways to begin your day. There are a number of different things that you can do first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day and give you the energy needed to navigate through the ins and outs of work, school, relationships and the unknown. Here are a few helpful exercises/routines that can help you jumpstart your daily schedule.

Early Rising – Waking up early sounds to the contrary of having more energy. However, it gives you time to wake up, gather your thoughts and gives you extra time to plan your course of action.

Getting Sleep – Sleep is so important and is something that you can feel the benefits from right away. Going to bed an hour earlier in the evenings will help give you the time needed to perform at your very best. It is also helpful for waking up earlier.

Exercise – Working out in the morning is one of the very best ways to start your day. The sense of accomplishment you feel helps with confidence and sets the tone early for the day.

Nutrition in the AM – Eating breakfast is so very important. It provides the nutrition and energy your body needs to thrive. It also boosts your metabolism.

Water – Wake up and drink water. Lots of water. Being properly hydrated has endless benefits to the human body.

Importance and Priority – Do the hardest part of your day first. Having priority for the hardest tasks or most important tasks can help you accomplish more. Everyone always dreads doing the thing they hate most. Your thoughts of that task can consume you and prevent you from getting to other things. Try tackling these tasks first thing in the morning and realize how much easier the rest of your day becomes.

Try incorporating one of these tasks into your morning routine and see if you notice any difference. Everyone responds differently and its important to identify what works the best for you!

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We're really excited to announce this partnership!We’ve teamed up with Feed My Starving Children to help provide meals for children in need.Blender bottles, t-shirts, travel packets are all acceptable items to post about.Hope to see you all participate!

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